Cooper aim is to make climate data available to everyone.

Providing easy-to-access, shareable and understandable information.

Our purpose

Climate change is still a controversial issue among people, with some of them not being fully aware of its consequences or even denying the problem.

Our goal is to popularize the use of climate data, so that most of these doubts and misinformation can be easily fought.

Our sources

Data accuracy is important. Our main sources of information are European Space Agency Copernicus satellites.

These satellites have a diverse array of sensors that capture many aspects of earth's climate.

However, the Copernicus Programme does not only provide satellite data. It also gathers information from ground-based observations, that we later collect and offer.

Our Team

We founded Cooper together to further develop our entrepreneurial skills.
Although we all have a similar technical background, each of us have unique interests that helped us diversify our roles in the company.


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